About the Hackgrothon
  1. How to participate?
  2. Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the submission process is now closed for foreign participants. However, local participants (i.e. resident in Hamburg) can still register via: hackgrothon@hsu-hh.de.

  3. Numbers of Hackathon participants?
  4. 5 participants from across the globe will be drawn from the list of interested participants. They will work alongside with 5 participants in Germany.

  5. How the participants will be selected?
  6. There are no particular standard with which the foreign participants will be selected but based on correlation of their ideas and skillsets to the problem at hand.

  7. What will happen during the Hackathon?
  8. During the workshop, the participants will be paired into groups to identify a particular problem, design and develop the solution.

  9. Who can participate?
  10. The Hackgrothon is opened to anyone with the interest in proposing or creating an open source appropriate technological solution to the identified agricultural issues.

  11. What should the participants expect to receive?
  12. The participants should expect an all round paid trip from their respective countries to Hamburg, an accommodation in a hostel facility, and feeding through out the program. Depending on the involvements of sponsors, the participants could expect some gifts.

  13. What happens to the product developed?
  14. Since the product will be based on open source appropriate technology or applications, the documentation of the product will be uploaded and shared on our github page. While the artifact itself will be deployed to a chosen country for test and further analysis purposes.