over 7 years ago by lexbryan

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Saving our ocean.

How are you going to solve the problem?

Collective research can be conducted through this project and in turn will give people and the government much impact of
the situation.

What is the impact of your project?

Without data, the government and the people will not know the real situation of our oceans. This project will help solve
that problem.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

You have 3d printers and laser cutters. I also hope you have opensource hardware (arduino, wemos, or raspberry pi).

Describe your project in detail

I am building a sailing drone. The robot will have a modular onboard laboratory which can detect basic (for now)
properties and chemical composition of water and dissolved oxygen. Since it's a robot, it will have the capability
to think autonomously given a set of area to explore. The user will be able to control the robot using a mobile app as
well as see it current progress and location on the map. The robot will have the ability to work as a swarm and
collaborate on a single task even if they have different owners; provided that the owner permits the activity.
Since the
robot is modular, community can purchase or develop modules that suits their needs. For example, a user from Japan might
purchase or build a module that has a geiger counter to get nuclear radiation data.
This project is helpful for
enthusiast, researchers, and scientists. I was able to conceptualize the project when I visited Surigao and noticed that
those sea areas that are near a mining activity tend to have an orange color of their water. I believe it's
contaminated with some chemicals and it's destroying marine life. The government won't take actions if
there's no data.
More info here:


mmoritz over 7 years ago
Sounds interesting... what is the status of your project? Did you build a prototyp yet? like the modular approach in
So, the boat is collecting data, returning and the I download the data? Could you think of a boat,
constantly reporting?
What is the endurance and reach?
Othman over 7 years ago
Really interesting,
about coding, if you need help you can just put the project open source and we will be happy to
IndigoTech over 7 years ago
cool, but have you put into consideration the robots movement against water bodies, its stability in different oceanic
IndigoTech over 7 years ago
being an underwater agent please consider its maneuvering capabilities.
diego over 7 years ago
Wow this is great idea that in Mexico would serve us much for research of the baquita marina
wow esta genial la idea a
qui en mexico nos serviria mucho para investigacion de la baquita marina
TechUser over 7 years ago
Nice video as well... Why did you choose the design of a sailing boat? I think that the design of a submarine boat might
be more helpful in order to navigate properly beside the polluted areas? Look forward to here more about your project!
Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago

A great project ... we can use NASA's open databases and maps, so we get an additional high-resolution data
source..and if you need any help we are all support and help you
SabineFabLabIng over 7 years ago
Maybe the use of wind to move is more energy efficient than an under water unit? There may be a chance to hide the sail
some way, to switch between sailing and under water activity? SO you can get data from different deeps :)
It is a very
smart idea, to "swarm" the oceans with this little researches, but you should think about demaged, unuseable
units too. How will they be cleaned up?
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
I like your idea , especially in Data science, today is one of the hottest fields in tech today. collecting useful data
for labs , research centers ... but try to explain more how laboratory onboard can detect chemical compositions , good