over 7 years ago by ysyals

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Changing the studying for children and make it more fun.

How are you going to solve the problem?

I created an software that has a question for all subjects this software will have a communication with an interactive
device when the student get high marks the device will give the student a gift.

What is the impact of your project?

Let the student love to study and they understand more, also will make studying process for parents much easier.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

It can be done the pcb and the body design of the product.

Describe your project in detail

Is an project for child and parents this app will change the way of teaching and studying, it will allow the parents to
give their child a gifts if they passed, also will let the child study more and learn more, also the teachers can use
this system to make a huge competition between the students in the classroom and the teacher can set a small exam and a
gift on the box and the first one will finish with high grade will close the app on the rest and he get the gift from
the box. also this can be used on family gathering with any type of questions it can be general questions. and much more
uses for it.



Othman over 7 years ago
It is good to see some software with interactive hardware. This shows how powerful fablabs can be not only in hardware
but also with software!
diego over 7 years ago
Yes, I like it, I like it.
si esta genial me gusta surte
TechUser over 7 years ago
I like your design and the gamification approach. It would be great, if the child might adjust the questions according
to the learning progress. Would it be possible that the questions, which are easily answered within three rounds, will
not come up again? And questions, which were more difficult, will be repeated? Like learning with index cards...
Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
A nice idea .. This program should contain kinetic activities and games to break the routine and also suggest that it be
accompanied by the effects to attract the attention of the student
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
It is Good to encourage children for education , try to explain more the system , how it works, how interactive way
can be useful in other pedagogies ! good luck !
SmartBits over 7 years ago
This will be fun !