The BlueTap

over 7 years ago by Tom_Stakes

Which problem are you trying to solve?

In slum areas across the world, residents often have only intermittent access to water of poor quality. The BlueTap
Chlorine Injector will allow residents to purify water at a household level.

How are you going to solve the problem?

The Chlorine Injector is based on the Venturi principle. As water passes through a constriction in a pipe it speeds up
and the pressure drops. This allows chlorine to be sucked into the water supply.

What is the impact of your project?

The project will reduce the spread of waterborne disease, give residents autonomy over their water supply, and
facilitate the creation of local businesses providing installation and maintenance.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

Prototypes can be manufactured by 3D printing. Having constant access to 3D printing would be ideal for iterating the
design. I would also aim to create an injection mould for mass manufacture.

Describe your project in detail

Born from an Engineers-Without-Borders project carried out in 2013, the Blue Tap chlorine injector automatically inserts
chlorine into the household water supply. Based on the Venturi principle, as water passes through the product, chlorine
is automatically pulled up into the flow of water. Initially created for just $16, the Blue Tap team are now in the
process of streamlining our prototype. Using 3D printers, the chlorine injector can be built in a matter of hours, and
is designed to be rapidly connected to a standard household water network, and has the capability to consistently purify
to drinking water quality standards.
The Blue Tap concept does not stop with just the Venturi chlorine injector. A key
element of our enterprise model is to provide the technology to local, resident plumbers. We envision our final product
being a kit that can be installed on existing water supply systems. Our role will be to supply these kits to local
plumbers, train them on installation and maintenance and offer them online support from the UK with regular field visits
from the Blue Tap team.
There are two elements of our business model that make us novel. Firstly, we have designed the
simplest chlorine injector possible for the lowest cost – that way we know it is accessible to those who need it, and
will be easy to fix and maintain giving it the longest possible life-span. Secondly, we want to build a product that can
be sold for a small fee to local plumbers to help them create their own social enterprises. We believe technology can
help local businesses men and woman to lift themselves out of poverty.
We endeavor to support small-scale
entrepreneurship and business by partnering with local plumbers to install the chlorine injector on households in their
communities. Our role will be to offer technical support to the plumbers, but by giving them ownership of the product,
they can ensure maintenance can be carried out as and when it is needed. We believe that long-term poverty eradication
can be achieved by supporting the growth of local, community-led enterprise.
The BlueTap technology has the potential
to eliminate the circumstances that lead to people having no choice but to consume contaminated drinking water. We
believe that the BlueTap philosophy will empower local businessmen to build their own social enterprise that will
protect and develop the communities around them.
A short introduction video, outlining the project, can be found here:



Rakesh10 over 7 years ago
Hi Tom,
Very interesting idea!
Any tests conducted to see the effectiveness of the device?
10djsteph over 7 years ago
Solid. I like this a lot, water quality is a huge issue. I know a lot about water issues on a macro scale. Yet, I
learned something new about chlorine injection.
Tom_Stakes (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi Rakesh,
Yep, there have been some tests conducted in Mexico City, built from parts you could buy in a hardware store.
These tests successfully proved the injection concept. Now we're working on refining the design and manufacturing
the device as one whole part, rather than smaller items that need assembling.
diego over 7 years ago
Perfect is a great project
perfecto es un gran proyecto
Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
A wonderful project ... It is possible that the installation of the blue tap is free and there will be periodic
maintenance at nominal prices. You must also find ways to take advantage of the project in areas that do not have a
sound infrastructure. All this is done in cooperation with state institutions.
TechUser over 7 years ago
Interesting! Can you say something about the of chlorine needed? And have experience with the refilling intervals?
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
Good idea ! innovative and useful , good luck !