Smart Pleco - Water Conservation Vassel

over 7 years ago by HokHimChon

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Smart Pleco is a multi-functional Eco-friendly unmanned craft for water bodies protection that aims to solve severe
water pollution problems, such as cyanobacterial out-break issues in China.

How are you going to solve the problem?

Smart Pleco can solve the water pollution problem by constant monitoring of certain pollution symptoms and prevention
through interfering with the incubation period before breaks out.

What is the impact of your project?

Smart Pleco can collect water quality data from water bodies such as lakes,ponds and rivers. With Smart Pleco, we will
be able to stop or at least palliate the contamination.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

The frame of Smart Pleco can be redesigned by 3D modeling software and printed out with 3D printer.For the system, the
components are not difficult to found, and the system can also be rebuilt again.

Describe your project in detail

Smart Pleco is an unmanned surface vehicle which aims to constantly monitor water bodies, to prevent water
pollution.Water pollution is no longer rare nowadays, especially in my home country China where severe water pollution
occurs almost every year. With these four main innovations here, Smart Pleco can achieve maximum productivity in terms
of automated cruising, data collection, and visualization. The reason why water pollution is so severe in china is the
lack of appropriate monitoring and by Smart Pleco, solving this problem is no longer out of reach.Smart Pleco is powered
by a solar panel together with a rechargeable battery. Solar panel can extend the battery life. There are real-time
sensors for data collection, they are temperature,conductivity sensor dissolved oxygen sensor and ph sensor.user can
install different type of sensors as users wish. The sampling boxes are for collecting water sampling . User can send
the samples to labs for further analysis. an electronic box, as the brain in smart pleco ,and two thrusters at the back
are for cursing .Smart Pleco is capable of constantly monitoring water bodies and track pollution sources if
unfortunately polluted.Smart Pleco specifically aims at dealing with water quality issues and it has the function of
data collecting and sampling. It is solar-powered together with a reusable battery and thus achieves the maximum
environmental benefits.Since we have to collect data comprehensively and efficiently, we decide to use an automatic tool
to trim down the need for human resources. Therefore, we have built up an eco-friendly USV which can collect data and
sample on small water bodies to generate heatmaps for waterbody analysis and finding hidden pollution sources. Smart
Pleco is equipped with real-time sensors and sampling boxes which are responsible for data collection and sampling
respectively. Having features such as data analysis and automation, Smart Pleco can solve the problems above. Smart
Pleco collects water quality data, samples, and GPS coordinates automatically, and visualizes them in the form of
heatmaps for further analysis. When we collect data from the same water bodies, we can then have a long-term data
comparison. Multiple profiles for operation is provided which let
users assign every single task to Smart Pleco.
Finally, with the data that Smart Pleco collected,we hope to arouse the concern of the government and public awareness
for the importance of water quality protection and paying extensive attention to marine conservation issues. When
comparing with other expensive and featureless crafts on the market, Smart Pleco is the perfect choice for solving the
problem. By using Smart Pleco together, we can protect the Earth’s precious water resources efficiently and
Smart Pleco can collect water quality data from water bodies such as lakes,ponds and rivers. With Smart
Pleco, users can track down microbeads through real-time data collection and water sampling. The more people use Smart
Pleco, the more data we can collect and generate. With the information of different water bodies in and around the
region, we will be able to locate seriously populated areas.With all the data collected, we will try to collaborate with
the end users (e.g. the government, private companies or educational institutions) of our product and service. It is
hoped that, through both governmental and non-governmental collaboration, we can track down pollution sources, provide
feasible solutions to deal with areas polluted.Eventually, we will be able to stop or at least palliate the
Smart Pleco is the project we have been working on and we hope it can be better and better by
continuously improving it.There has already been three generations of our USV - Smart Pleco, since our old generations
are big in sizes and also very heavy at the same time.We are thinking to create a smaller, lighter and simpler
version.Smart Pleco’s system is already created and tested, all the components can be bought again.The frame of the
USV can be redesigned with 3D modeling software and printed out with 3D printers.We are thinking of ways to reduce the
price and also the complexity of Smart Pleco, and hope that eventually allows more people be able to use Smart Pleco.


mmoritz over 7 years ago
Hi there,
that seems to be a great idea!
Did you also think of a "crowdsourcing" approach (data network where
basically anyone can be part of the monitoring? I know of a similar approach for measuring radiation in Japan which is
based on blockchain technologies. Basically, any citizen can buy a low cost detector and send his data to a nationwide
monitoring page (Safecast).
Do you you some sketches or schematics to show what this vessel would look like? It is hard
to imagine just from reading...
HokHimChon (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Yes, our team have thought about building a data base to allow everyone to check out all the water quality data that
Smart Pleco
collects, we will try to do it in the future.
Thank you for your interest in our project!
I got problem on
attaching Smart Pleco's images yesterday, but the problem is solved now, thanks to Babasile Daniel 's patient
and help.
diego over 7 years ago
I loved your project, thank you for sharing it
me encanto su proyecto surte gracias por compartirlo
Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
Great idea .. It is also possible to link the project to the mobile applications is warning people from contaminated
areas to avoid fishing or the practice of various activities ... NASA maps and data can also be used to identify the
most polluted areas
HokHimChon (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Thanks for your interest and love in our project, we will keep improving it.
Thanks for your
comment, linking our project to mobile application definitely helps, allowing more people to know what's happening
and access to our data, is what we have been trying, we will think and discuss about your suggestion,thanks again
TechUser over 7 years ago
Great project. Seems already very elaborated. Would it be possible to detect the polluters by your product?
HokHimChon (Submitter) over 7 years ago
By Smart Pleco, we can find out the pollution source with data that the sensors collect, after Smart Pleco
found out the source, it is possible to know whom the polluters are.
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
Precious project , good luck !