3D Printed Mechanical Experiments

over 7 years ago by Othman

Which problem are you trying to solve?

The problem is the expensive classroom experimental kits used to teach mechanical engineering basics. This project will
enable anyone with any 3d printer to print educational kits.

How are you going to solve the problem?

By designing mechanical kits with all basic gear sets and writing some document in many languages to help teachers
around the world print the kits.

What is the impact of your project?

The impact is huge as we all know practical education is far more effective than just theoretical education. Many
schools in the world are using theoretical education because they can't afford kits.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

By only using 3d printers and some time to design the kits. A laser machine or CNC might be needed for some kits only.

Describe your project in detail

The project is open 3d files that anyone around the world can download and print to use them in classrooms teaching
physics, mathematics, and engineering. The 3d files will also come with a document explaining how to print and how to
put all printed parts together. The aim is to make different kits explaining different gear sets (simple gear train,
planetary gear train, etc) and then students can use these kits to do the calculations and experiment with them.
We are
working as entrepreneurs in a startup we founded four years ago that is specialized in manufacturing STEM educational
tools with affordable price for poor schools. This is one of our ideas and with right prototyping in the lab and good
documentation in as many languages as possible, this project can help hundreds of thousands of students in poor
countries especially that everyone can have a cheap 3d printer now.
Another product we are working on in STEM education
is Innobox, you can have an idea about it in the video:


shillout over 7 years ago
Hello Othman,
Your idea is really great! Could you add an English subtitle to the Youtube video?
Othman (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi Shillout, sure no problem we will add a subtitel in English. Thank you for the suggestion.
Othman (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi Shillout, we just translated it into English. You can watch it on Youtube ^_^
shillout over 7 years ago
Thank you for including the subtitles. Your project is really impressive. It makes education fun!
Tamba over 7 years ago
hi Othman
Great ! Great !
You will market it or it's just a prototype
Othman (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi Tamba
It will be open source and anyone can make one at home just by using a 3d printer.
Saud-Alshuaily over 7 years ago
This project make the education more fun..keep going Othman
Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
A wonderful project ... so each school will have its own tools, which are made ... The project is distinguished by the
dissemination of the necessary knowledge of the 3D printer in schools ..suggest that videos be made to educate the
schools about the importance of the project and its presentation to the authorities Responsible
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
Good idea , enjoyable way to learn , try to make it unique and original , good luck !
keshav over 7 years ago
hello, really a interesting project. but a question comes to my mind when we talk about poor countries. while this
project is talking about cheaper experimentation, how feasibly is the 3D printers or other heavy machines like laser
cutter and CNC available to general people here