Free water for all

over 7 years ago by Saud-Alshuaily

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Provide free water for all organism. .. Especially dogs, cats, birds and humans .. Clean and healthy and available all
the time.

How are you going to solve the problem?

It designed to include stores of water can be filled with access to outlets for drinking places, especially for cats,
dogs and pets .. Top places for birds to drink .. As well as cold water bottles.

What is the impact of your project?

Will provide clean water for cats, dogs and pets all the time .. a place for pets to drink .. And a place for water for
people who do not have cold water . Also can people who can donate water.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

The project can be printed by 3D printers ( Both FDM and SLS), in addition to the hand tools thats available in the lab.
Also I need pumps and solar panal.

Describe your project in detail

Water is the essential element of life. The idea came to solve the problem of lack of clean water for birds, pets and
cold water for humans.
The project contains a ground tank with a water pump attached to the ground drinking place for
cats, dogs and other pets. The function of the pump is to rotate the water to be clean and safe to drink.
There is
another pump attached to the upper place of the water for birds, which works in the same principle in terms of recycling
water to be drinkable ..
The upper middle is a cooler with small water bottles cooled by the desert air conditioner,
which includes evaporative cooling pads. The fan is powered by the solar cell at the top. As the air conditioner
constantly works, it constantly refrigerates the bottles to be suitable for drinking.
In the images there is a display
of parts of the project


Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
Great idea ... It is also possible to install water filters that support the work of the pumps so that any impurities or
wastes from the water are removed ... The reservoir can also be provided with a simple system that prevents freezing in
the icy atmosphere and is work by stored energy from the slides Solar
TechUser over 7 years ago
Very good idea! What is the scale of the photo/Or what are the real measures of the product? Perhaps a self-cleaning
mechanism can be added?
Saud-Alshuaily (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi Omarhasayn89, Thanks for your comment.There will small filter which will be removable to prevent the water from dust
and other impurities.
The other idea is great but I think its will be difficult in hot regions.. this is the first
prototype and I have a great ideas to develop it to satisfy all regions.
Saud-Alshuaily (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Hi TechUser, Thanks for your comment. A small filter will be add so it will decrease the water pollution. and about the
dimensions : the height is 1 m and the diameter of the upper storage about 80 cm
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
I like your idea , very vital to all animals , good luck !