Digitally Speaking- Women Safety project

over 6 years ago by digitallyspeaking

Which problem are you trying to solve?

We are trying to mitigate the issue of safety of women across the globe.

How are you going to solve the problem?

To address this issue, we are working on a wearable tech project that is equipped with technologies like camera,SOS,GPS
signal and an alarm

What is the impact of your project?

Women can feel safe even in the loneliest hour of the day.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

Fabricate in the lab, including:
Design, fabrication & assembly of PCBs
Machining / Lasercutting / CNC / Milling

Describe your project in detail

Security is a major issue for women in India and across the globe. According to the statistics 92
women on an average are raped in India everyday and around 60% of the women get raped worldwide.
To address this
issue,we are working on a wearable tech project (POC) that is equipped with technologies like camera,SOS,GPS signal and
an alarm.Our work addresses the current social challenge.With the integration of technology,it is used as a mode of
communication and virtual connectivity,or virtual companion with optimum usage.
Every single day
young girls,mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted,molested,and violated.
The streets,public
transport,public spaces in particular have become the territory of the hunters.While the ones already hunted down weep
in silence or in disdain,the rest fight their way to a basic life with dignity.There is an unspoken war on the
streets.These fears are spreading in every corner of the country and just because it's not happening to me or you
right now doesn't mean WE can rest easy...WE have all the reasons to be scared.
Through this project,we want all
women out there to reclaim public spaces and feel safe even in the loneliest hour of the day and also make people aware
of our product and give the 'beware' signal to all the monsters out in the world.Safety is a fundamental right
and shouldn't be considered a luxury for women.
The wireless camera which is synced with the users
mobile phone can be attached anywhere on the body ( T-shirt/shirt/collar/cap etc).Once the camera is mounted,the user
can easily see who is following her on her phone's display and when the user feels unsafe, she can press the alarm
which has a very loud sound and that acts as a warning signal.
The second step is to send SOS message to police helpline
no. along with your family and friends.For this,we have designed an underwear which is equipped with safety
technologies.The user under distress can do a muscle movement ( contract and expand particular muscles) which will
trigger an emergency alarm (SOS) along with their GPS location to police helpline no. and the saved contacts of their
family and friends.The solution could also autonomously transmit the users location to a network of community
responders.Once the information is shared with the saved numbers,they can track the user down based on the location


Omarhasayn89 over 6 years ago
Great idea ... The warning signal issued by the device should reach the nearest police station or
Police car in the
area to avoid the danger. The community must also be aware of the benefits of this device so that they can help those
who need help when they hear the sound of the alarm.
SabineFabLabIng over 6 years ago
One challange will be, to find balance between avoiding false allerts and make the item userfriendly, I think. I wish
you to make it :)
yassineaskri over 6 years ago
Nice idea , useful for ladies, but is it strong or resistant ?
good luck !
digitallyspeaking (Submitter) over 6 years ago
Hi Omarhasayn! Thanks for your feedback. The device sends the GPS location of the wearer to the police helpline number
stored. It's a good suggestion to approach the nearest police vans also. :-)
digitallyspeaking (Submitter) over 6 years ago
Hi Sabine! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, working towards it. :-)
digitallyspeaking (Submitter) over 6 years ago
Hi Yassineaskri! Resistant to what?
HFG93 over 6 years ago
The idea of this project will impact all women around the world specially women who lives in a village and suburban
areas. The main goal of this idea is to help all women of all ages which makes it easier for everyone to use. The idea
of this project can absolutely be manufactured in a fablab.
digitallyspeaking (Submitter) over 6 years ago
@HFG93 Absolutely!