Music Box

over 7 years ago by Robert

Which problem are you trying to solve?

We are trying to improve the lack of motoric, social and communicative skills with people with Autism spectrum disorder.

How are you going to solve the problem?

We are trying to solve the problem with so called "Music Box" that we created which is used in music therapy.

What is the impact of your project?

The impact our project haves is improving motoric, social and communicative skills with people that have Autism spectrum

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

We need to design, to project and to produce circuit board with its own power supply, speaker and with its own RAM.

Describe your project in detail

We created a music box.
The music box case is 3D printed, on the top
of the music box are 4 sheet metals.
Inside the
music box is a circuit borad.
We put vegetables or fruits on top of the box which on every tap
reproduces a sound or a
music. It can be programmable which
sound which fruit triggers.
Its so called "Music therapy", it mostly
helps people with
Autism spectrum disorder because their social, motoric and communicative skills
are less developed.
want to improve it as much as we can so we can give it
to the associations and people that are working with people that
Autistic spectrum disorder.
How? Well they see a pear, they touch it, they hear
a sound and they can eat the pear,
so motoric skills are improved by using the music box.
Why? Because people with Autism spectrum don't notice more
actions at same time if they
don't concentrate on that what they are doing, so the music box is perfect for them.


Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
What I understand from your project is that you will try to make the patient can focus on more than one thing at the
same time .. see and touch and hear .. The idea of ​​the project is nice .. It can be made on several models each
model in which different elements will deal with the patient I mean here fruits and Other ..or that the same box is
programmed every time on different voices ... The question here about the way to transfer the signal from the fruit to
the center of the sound will the fruit have a sensors?
Robert (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Thank you for reading about this project.
Well, the design of a box can be in any shape or color.
are no sensors in the fruit because as I wrote, anyone
can eat it.
This music box helps people with Austism spectrum
disorder to focus on more things at once (etc. to hear, to see, to eat).
Inside the box under those 4 sheets of metal
(look at the first picture) are wires that are connected to circuit board and Raspberry Pi with the metal boards. Those
4 sheets of metal are transfering the signal to the software that reproduces the sound, you don't even have to put
fruit or vegetables, those 4 sheets of metal can be touched with finger and it will trigger the sound. We put fruit
because of motoric skills, but it can be anything that is not an isolator.
(Sorry if I accidentally confused you)