Enjoy The Power

over 7 years ago by Ahmed_79

Which problem are you trying to solve?

creating a kids playground that is connected to a power supply platform that generates power through the movement of the
playground equipment. The power generated will run the water heating system

How are you going to solve the problem?

we will design a complete electromechanical system that fits in different mechanical orientations and charge power banks
in playground equipment such bikes, swings and slides

What is the impact of your project?

the impact is to provide sufficient power in places that are tough to reach such as Syrian boarders and surrounded
countries . more power , fun games and heated water to be generated

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

details in the discribtion and attachment below

Describe your project in detail

The electromechanical system depends entirely on a smart mechanical system that can change its orientation based on the
playground equipment to move an electrical generator to charge the battery units. The stages of this system are
Mechanical, Power Generating, Regulation, Charging and Water Heating. The concept will be attached to, for instance, the
most common playground equipment “the swing” and the movement of the trusses in the swing will be connected to the
concept itself to generate the required power.
The system can also be connected to the water heating system that will
generate the power and to heat the water. The heated water will go through some built in PVC pipes in the refugee’s
tent that will act as a heating system in the winter and cooling system for the summer.



Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
A nice project .. is The expected energy from these playground will be sufficient to achieve the required results? .. I
mean here the point of efficiency of the project .. You can do support things like open a fitness club in the same style
of playgrounds to provide the power .. Or connect each tent with a small generator connected to fans to generate power
from Wind movement
SabineFabLabIng over 7 years ago
an awesome idea to use the kids fun on movement to generate energy :) Maybe you can give the children on playground some
feedback, maybe in a childish and funny way. So they can make contests with each other, who makes the most energy.
the system be additional to "general" playground parts, or must there one special swing/bike/trampoline be
used? And another point is the childrens safety too :) but you will think about it, I suppose.