Stirr it-A bsundi maker

over 7 years ago by supriya

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Basundi is indian sweet dish made up of milk which require lot of fuel for heating milk and also need manpower as it
require continuous stirring and it is time consuming process.

How are you going to solve the problem?

We can use solar heat by concentrating sun rays at a single point instead of using conventional fuel and can add
automation for stirring to reduce manpower

What is the impact of your project?

This machine can make basundi easily .It will reduce Human efforts,Cost and Fuel.Due to automation human intervention
will be reduce.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

we can fabricate it in OpenLab as we need parabolic reflector,plasma cutter(metalic cutter) for making stirer,motor and
some electronics with solar panel.

Describe your project in detail

Stirr it-A Basundi maker
Indian sweets are mainly made up of milk. Basundi is one of the sweet dish made from milk,
it's very popular in all over India The process involved, boiling of milk for hours with continuous stirring. The
process involves lots of labor and fuel.
Traditional way of making basundi !!

Traditionally basundi is made by keeping the pot on any
heating surface and have to poure milk into that pot.
Then milk is boiled and after that it requires continuous
stirring.If it is not stir then milk get stick to vessel and it burns. If milk get burn then test and color of sweet
degrades. So that’s why stirring is
very important part at the time of making sweet dishes from milk
Basundi is made
in the home as a sweet dish for festivals .It’s time consuming process which need continuous stirring and consumes lot
of fuel.
I observed-
That if we use parabolic reflector for cooking then it will cause to save fuel and it is low cost
parabolic reflector. But it is not possible to cook on parabolic reflector by standing in front of that continuously as
it creates heat and the rays reflected from its surface can injure our eyes. So automation is required to avoid
Todays condition
Machine available in market for this process has facility to stir continuous but it uses
conventional fuel and one person is needed for supervision. There is no such a machine in market which uses solar
reflection heat for this design process.
To make a basundi maker – which will boil the milk using solar
The stirrer action will take place by motorized stirrer.
It will have automatic buzzer
indicator which will blow when Basundi will get READY!
Change due to Basundi maker
This machine can make basundi
easily without giving your time for all process and it will reduce fuel cost.Just start machine and forget it, machine
will automatically give alarm when your Basundi will get ready
Objective –
1) To make a stirrer which will
continuously stir the milk.
I have Understood the problem and conducted Initial Experiment by keeping different shapes
of pot with and without stirrer on parabolic reflector :
Experiment conclusion – When sun heat was trapped
with flat surface vessel the highest calories were captured in minimum time. (3 times less time with almost double
calories capture)
I got 75 degree Celsius temperature at focal point of parabolic reflector and in 3 hours i.e.from 10
am to 1 pm, I reduced 3 liters of milk to half liter when I put milk in flat pot with stirrer.
I think this is an very
good idea to reduce human efforts ,fuel and ultimately the cost.


Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
Nice idea .. I understand that the device is working on the collection of Sun rise in one point for heating .. If we
want to cook in the evening how the device will work?
tejaskhorate over 7 years ago
Very nice concept Supriya
This is innovative advantage for solar energy.
This is helpful to make Basundi
without fuel.
supriya (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Thank you for comment...It will work on conventional fuel also as it is a stainless steel pot having a
stirrer.But if we want to run it on solar then obviously only in the day time it is possible .
supriya (Submitter) over 7 years ago
Thank you ...We can use this pot not only for making basundi but also for tomato sos or for any thickening