How to Participate

The idea challenge is open to everyone who has an idea that can Make A Difference, whether skilled or unskilled i.e. engineers, designers, students, makers, tinkerers, DIYers, and other technology developers. However, all participants must be at least 18 years old.

Each participants may submit a single entry in each focus areas. To participate, participants have to deliver their ideas in the following forms:

  • Blueprints or pictures (sketches) in (png or jpg format);
  • 3D models or designs
  • video (mp4 format) *ask designer about the restriction on upload also to implement the Youtube layer

All submissions must also include a short description of their ideas. These descriptions should be entered on the description slot on the website.

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What happens to my idea?

In the spirit of openness and according to the Fab Charter, we would like to encourage an open, sharing, and collaborative mind set where the benefits and significance of your idea are effectively gratified. Therefore, the idea challenge will be based on a creative commons licence. Please read the terms and conditions.

No matter your decision, we are here to support you.

  1. All nine (9) finalists will be invited to an all expense paid developmental workshop at OLab Hamburg, which includes the travel cost, accommodation cost, and the bill of materials (BOM) for the ideas/designs.
  2. Apart from the trip to Hamburg, there are extra prizes for each winners depending on the position taken. Which ranges from 3D printers, software, electronics components, training programmes or courses etc. TBA
  3. In addition to the prizes given to the 9 finalists, there will be an opportunity for a person ‘best collaborator’ from the community to also participate in the weeklong development workshop.