Advanced Luggage Trolley (A.L.T.)

over 7 years ago by HFG93

Which problem are you trying to solve?

Travelers most of the time miss their flights due to huge airports, the A.L.T. will save time & effort since the
cart can be driven the same idea of driving a scooter that most people are used to it.

How are you going to solve the problem?

Since the A.L.T. is basically a fabrication idea the old airport's cart can be refabricated that will save time and
effort by adding extra features to it such as wheels, batteries, and display screen

What is the impact of your project?

The impact of A.L.T. project will enhance the experience of travelers all around the world at different airports to help
all people of all ages to ride the cart around huge spaced airports.

How can the project be manufactured in the OpenLab?

By programming Arduino to add more features to the fabricated airport cart such as creating a real lock system to lock
the luggage to the cart itself. Using 3D printer for display screen stabilizer.

Describe your project in detail

The impact of technology on civilization has undergone many developments and changes within a short period of time. The
modern technology has revolutionized the means of traveling whether it’s by airplanes, high-speed trains, or a
different type of vehicles. The worldwide acceptance of this rapid change of the advanced technology made people more
reliable and dependent on technology and all kinds of gadgets for different purposes. Those new solutions and appliances
had replaced many things in people’s daily lives in term of communication, navigation, and entertainment. Therefore,
technology is easing people live as much as it’s aggrandized in both ways the pros and cons of technology have to
offer. However, the scientific and technical knowledge has enabled almost everyone to have a chance to develop new
high-tech machinery devices. As a result, these developments are being industrialized in order to serve humanity in all
aspects whether if it’s for education, health, and business wise. In addition, the technology itself plays a huge part
in influencing people to live in a way of how do people think or understand the technology work and interact with one
another. This progress leads to a new level of comprehending the real-time response and engulf of the technology
evolving around in our daily life. With this era of technological advancement that the concept of developing will never
reach a limit of ending, the innovative of the airport’s luggage cart will be a new solution for commiserating with
the process of traveling. That includes the check-in procedure and moving around the airport. The design of the purposed
cart will have a display that renders the information of the passenger traveling destination and grants more information
of the airport in order to save time. In consideration of this project that will be tested in Kuwait, the choice of
language will be contemplated thus the installed application will have two languages options for users in Arabic and
English. The provided display will be the main part of the cart to function because it includes the traveler information
and every instruction that can help the passenger while being in the airport. In conjunction with the display, any new
update that includes if the time of the flight has changed or the gate; the user will be notified through a connected
smart watch that will help to notify the traveler in order not to miss any update. Furthermore, the cart can be driven
and easily controlled by the user of the cart that is suitable for all ages because most people are familiar with
scooters and hover boards that have the similar concept to this moving airport trolley. In order to transfer easily and
faster around huge airports because usually, the gates are way too far from the center of the airport that has all the
facilities such as lounges, duty-free, restaurants, and hotels. Also, the user of the cart will be less concerned
regarding luggage security. Since there are small cafés or restaurants at the airport where they do not allow carts
inside their place. For that reason, the provided lock will be handier in this situation because the cart will provide a
safe mode lock for the luggage installed on the cart.



Omarhasayn89 over 7 years ago
Great idea .. I suggest that each section at the airport have a specific vehicles with a specific path and this ensures
that the traveler is not lost ... It is also possible to use mini electronic maps in the plate on the vehicle directing
the traveler to the place he wants to reach him
yassineaskri over 7 years ago
Nice idea good luck !